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Forbrain for improving Attention and Memory

Teachers and Parents review Forbrain for improving Attention and Memory

One of the main principles of Forbrain is retraining. When Albert Tomatis was developing his ideas more than fifty years ago, there wasn’t the neuroscience research there is today. But today’s science proved that Albert Tomatis was right – the brain can be retrained. This principle of neuroplasticity is now a key understanding of how the brain works – it is being retrained constantly.

While you might think that technology designed to enhance listening and speech fluency only affects acoustic processing and production, the fact is that Forbrain uses the auditory-vocal loop, bone conduction, and acoustic filtering to increase attention and focus, too. This means you can use the device to enhance cognitive problems, especially memory by retraining the brain.

It often surprises people that what seems like a device to help speech can also help functions as important as memory.

One mother says on using Forbrain for her own purposes…

There were a lot of bonuses I found while using Forbrain. I love that it filters out background noise that causes distraction. It lets you focus on what you are trying to accomplish better. I found I was getting a lot more done, remembering things better, and speaking a lot more eloquently.”

Another mother found that her daughter benefited from Forbrain despite not having obvious speech problems.

“Katie, my 13-year-old, doesn’t have any specific difficulties but has seen some definite benefits from using Forbrain. She is doing a program this year that requires her to memorize large amounts of material on a regular basis. During this review period, she has been wearing the headset 15 minutes a day while working on memorizing. She said it has greatly improved her ability to memorize things. Cutting down on the time she needs to spend and also helping her retain the information.” 

Another parent found that an older sibling also derived key benefits despite not having the speech issues of her younger brother.

“She also finds that wearing this device has trained her brain to know that she is working on memory skills. She finds she is less distracted with the device on as she knows she only has a limited amount of time to focus.”

Of course, reading fluency, speech improvement and memory are not mutually exclusive, so improvements in one area are commonly accompanied by positive changes in another.


“Mikayla has shown tremendous improvement in her reading comprehension and reading rhythm. Her memory is improving so much along with her confidence!”

Another teacher saw the immense benefits on memory…

“I have children that are still working on memorizing the times tables. I say still because they are years beyond the time when they “should” have them memorized. One learner, in particular, had practically zero recall prior to the time spent with Forbrain. Even multiplying is tough for this child. She has begun memorizing the multiplication tables – not working on it but actually having them finally stick. She can recall a few sets. When you have been working at this off and on for a few years with no real results, this is nothing short of a miracle.”

And, it’s often the case that when mothers see the improvement in their children they want their husbands to try out Forbrain!

After reading that first day in the literature that even adults used this to prepare for presentations, my husband wanted to try. He has been utilizing the Forbrain headset whenever he reads Scripture aloud for our family. This has helped with his own memorization of these passages.”

And another content wife had this to say…

“All in all, my husband was very pleased with his results from using Forbrain.  I look forward to using it for our Family Bible Study and memorization efforts as well as using it for practicing speeches and more.”

It is great for preparing for oral presentations, homework, and preparing for exams.”

The impact on memory has now led to Forbrain being used by seniors trying to offset the cognitive decline. The key to good cognitive function is attention. Moreover, anything that can improve that pivotal process enhances any skills, like reading, speech, and memory, that all rely on a critical level of focus.

June 24, 2019