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How can you help your kids with reading & speech

We are constantly programming our brains, which are the main computer that drives so many functions of the body and mind and is a computer we use to train our thoughts and actions, mostly unconsciously.

For many reasons, we repeat the same routines, whether a thought process, habit or unconscious movements. For many reasons the brain may have gotten into the habit of not paying attention or misreading letters, and with repartition, this habit merely gets stronger by reinforcing the brains programming.

Cognitive problems arise because the appropriate amount and type of attention is not paid to the stimuli in front of us e.g. memory decline often occurs because people are not in the habit of rehearsing their memories and, as a result, memories fade because they are effectively neglected.

The same happens with reading and speech. Sometimes the brain gets used to skipping past words or misperceiving them and over time, this becomes a habit. The habit itself can become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless one works hard to change the brains programming. For example, stuttering each time you see a certain letter configuration, you are not going to miraculously stop stuttering unless you get the brain to pay attention and reprogram it. In these cases a change is needed in the way the stimulus is processed. This then becomes a matter of attention and focus.

FORBRAIN helps Improve Speech, Attention and Memory

Forbrain works by forcing the brain out of it’s usual habits and getting it to pay more attention and greater focus. This is done via bone-conduction (rather than air conduction) and changes the way the stimuli signals reach the brain. As a result, the user hears his or her speech quite differently.Also, the gating system used varies and amplifies frequencies that alsp demand attention and focus. In this way Forbrain can get the brain to pay attention with greater focus to what is being said , including words that the user is reading out loud. In short, Forbrain significantly changes attention and focus, which allows for old listening, reading and speech habits t be replaced by more effective ones.

July 4, 2019