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Forbrain helps with Dyslexia and Auditory Processing issues

Last month, we received a testimonial about how Forbrain helped overcome various cognitive processing challenges. This is Julia’s story, in her own words..

When I was a little girl I used to want to be an actress. However, I would always mess up the lines and say words that were not on the page. Teachers would often get mad at me and I grew very self-conscious when it came to reading out loud and my dream of becoming an actress faded quickly. 

Later in life, I discovered I had some learning challenges, like Dyslexia and some auditory processing issues.

Around a year and a half ago, I was introduced to Forbrain. With my auditory processing challenges, information can sadly go in one ear and out the other. Yet, within the first time of using it, I swear it changed my life. I am so much better at reading out loud. I bring the headphones with me everywhere, from therapy to a doctors appointments. I can process my daily interactions so much better, remember my conversations much easier, and I genuinely feel like everything I do is way more effective! I will not have a therapy session without it as it helps me remember what happened in the session much better and the most surprising yet amazing benefit is that I am better able to articulate my thoughts and feelings. 

Forbrain helps with Auditory Processing an Dyslexia

I practice reading out loud with it daily, and my auditory and reading skills have gotten SO much better. I used to literally cry in school when I was asked to read out loud and now I have no trouble doing so. 

Since using the Forbrain, I am so much better at recalling what people have told me and I’m much better at listening and relaying information to others. I truly could not live functionally without this device! I used to really speak from my throat, and now I’m noticing I speak a lot much more for my diaphragm. Since I have asthma, it makes it much easier for me to breathe because I’m speaking from my diaphragm not from my chest and I am breathing much deeper. 

I wish I had this device growing up! It would have made going to school, reading, and every aspect of day to day life from following directions, instructions to basic conversation SO much easier! My biggest hope is that everyone in this world can have and use Forbrain. Regardless if they have learning challenges or not, it will make their memory, speaking and brain health so much better and is such a great device for optimal brain performance.

Of course, I discovered this device a week after graduating college, but I know it would have made studying, learning new information significantly easier. I cannot recommend this enough for anyone and everyone, regardless of what challenges they may have

February 28, 2021