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Forbrain Brain Trainer Review


Welcome to probably one of the most interesting reviews I’ve ever been asked to do, from time to time we get asked to test those unusual products that – well don’t fit into any particular category. And the Forbrain is one of those odd products, however, I’d not call it odd at all. The idea behind the product is to stimulate the brain using bone conduction transducers (I actually had to go and read about this) because I thought this particular product deserved an extra super in-depth review based on science…!

I’m actually going to test this product, well by simply reading aloud the work on this website and as reviews require proofreading. And even reading my own work, now it’s quite a simple piece of technology in my opinion. Essentially you are transmitting your voice through a filter which then gets turned into “vibrations”, the best way of describing this feeling and sensation? Almost like everything you say is positively reinforced into your brain. Basically, you can hear what you say as if it was inside your head, this entire process is somewhat difficult to explain in words.

So why would you want a product like this?

Closer Look:

Included inside the box, you’ll instantly be greeted with a gorgeous carry case. You get a plethora of manuals and guides on how to use the product. Other than these pieces of paper? You don’t really get much else, well other than the “Forbrain”. I must admit the carry case was a really nice touch, especially when you consider the staggering price of this product! I’d be careful when carrying the product around on your daily activities

Testing the product was slightly odd? I’ve reviewed all sorts of products. From computer cases to portable batteries, but never anything quite like this. I even had to devise a SUPER AWESOME TESTING METHOD. The makers of the product recommended to me short ten-minute sessions, but I quickly dismissed that and I’ve been wearing the Forbrain until battery drain. Whether this was using the product whilst singing to music, even reading work, this was the only subjective way to review the product.

Learn and Speech:

I’ve actually always had problems working on my speech! And making the words really roll off my tongue, so this was actually a pretty cool product for me to test. Basically, if the product could perhaps help me a little the test would be a success. However, this product really has quite a few “advertised” uses aside from that. But I’m sure everyone is eager to find out my findings after testing the product for a few weeks, so shall we jump in?

Science alert! If you are wondering how this product works? Well, it quite simply allows you to hear your voice via the vibrations of the bone conductors (essentially canceling out the use of your ears). This amplifies all the mistakes, basically meaning you can work on those mistakes. However, this is a really cool bit! Because you are speaking and listening, this enables a more fluid way for the brain to process information (or so “Forbrain” say).

I actually wondered what this product had in terms of application? It’s hard to give a specific application because the possibilities are endless. You simply skip out the middle man and push information straight into your brain without external distractions, it could help hundreds of people with diseases that affect the brain.

Conduction Technology:

However this technology isn’t anything new to the world, some hearing aids can even be implanted in this fashion. In fact, you can even get headphones that work with the same technology, which means you can hear the music and no one else can…

Because this is such an odd product to test, I used the advertised uses as a benchmark for results. And these are my thoughts and opinions on the product. I’m not a scientist (although that would be cool). These should give you a better idea of the product if you perhaps want to buy it, or maybe you are interested in conduction technology?

Reading and Writing:

I feel this was actually one of the strongest uses of this product. It’s odd when you read to yourself with the Forbrain, it’s like you are connected to the words and it makes it all that easier to get into the flow of writing. At the same time, it helps you work on the way you speak. This was one of the main things I did with the Forbrain (being a writer).


Due to the way this product taps directly into your audio system, apparently, it can help with short term memory. I couldn’t begin to fathom the science? However, I did start to feel whilst using it I was remembering things more clearly that I’d written, However, long term use is probably the best test for this product perhaps returning in a few months time?

Attention and Ability:

When you use this device, you really do get an odd sense of serenity. It’s oddly very relaxing. I found it slightly easier to concentrate on the task at hand, however, it’s hard to test because you’d really have to measure over a longer period of time to see an improvement. Personally, though I found whilst writing and reading my work I felt somewhat more engrossed in the task.

Speech Pronunciation:

I would have to say, this is one of those products best-selling points! Now the next point I was going to mention was motivational speaking, however, I’ll wrap these two points together. I noticed a HUGE difference in the way I was speaking and processing words. Simply because I was now realizing some of the mistakes I was making, for instance, speaking too fast, or maybe not putting enthusiasm into my words. So when I look at this product? It’s great for those who might have problems speaking, maybe even learning a new language, or simply rehearsing for that BIG SPEECH!

The Innovative Product:

Now with a product such as this, it’s obviously so hard to benchmark, but I’d like to say for the record using the product on a day to day basis. I noticed the above changes. I even found myself talking out loud without using the device, simply because I was so used to it.  This actually affected my writing somewhat because if you speak whilst writing you do get somewhat engrossed.

So now we’ve got that part of the “testing” out of the way, what don’t I like about the product. I think the price tag instantly springs to mind – which could be somewhat lower. However the technology is pretty sound, and the build quality is on par, aside from the Microphone that sometimes confused my breathing into loud vibrations (however, I’d play around with the positioning, as I solved this issue). I’d still say the price tag is a huge ask, again though? It’s subjective.

If you’re looking for a product, that will help you work on all the problem areas the Forbrain was designed for. I can’t really recommend on medical level – whether it would solve your speech problems and help you improve your workflow, I really have no idea? But for the everyday guy or girl, I think it’s a nice product to have tucked away for when you want to work on your writing, reading, and even doing memory training.

Help in improving Learning Skills:

I feel a product like this is so hard to break down and say, yeah this really works! However, I would say it helped me in improving the way my work flowed, and also helped me practice for a few videos. So it’s an interesting tool, for the writer, as you can read back your own work. I think that if you have the cash to spend? I’d give it a try. I’m no scientist, so I can’t comment on the claims the company makes however for me? in the short period of time I used it, forbrain has improved a few problem areas!

Some sources to help you with all the science stuff! 

My take on the scientific claims from what I can gather? Essentially the brain conductors (basically pads that turn your voice into vibrations which are then transmitted via your skull) skip out the middle man. Because you are skipping out processing the outer ear and going straight to the inner ear, you basically get a clearer tone of voice submitted into your brain. Which essentially boosts your brain’s ability to process the information in one loop, speaking and hearing your own voice stimulate your brain in this sense, is supposed to positively reinforce every word.

However – all of this does come at an incredibly large price tag. But who knows! If the product helps a few people is the price tag really such a big deal? I’ve decided not to give this product any ratings, as we really can’t. It’s a product that I feel has helped me, but we have no benchmarks. However – I found nothing but positive ratings for the product. But I think I’ll revisit the topic further down the line when I’ve perhaps had a few months of testing the product.

January 27, 2020